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Successful coaching is all about a good fit between you and I. Read on to learn more about my story, my beliefs, my training, and who inspires me to do this work. 

By the way, on this site, these are my words and my photos, because I'm just as real and human as you are. An example of an Appreciative Inquiry mindset is the belief that there is beauty everywhere, you just have to learn to see things differently. That's why my photos are not perfect, they're meaningful, because they're mine. 


Hi, I'm Alex Arnold (she/her). I'm originally from France and I moved to the U.S. at 21. Since then, I've been through many transitions: marriage, adoption, divorce, starting graduate school in my 30's, shifting career at midlife, starting a business, getting a puppy, discovering that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), learning to trust my intuition, getting back on a horse, becoming a climate coach and the host of The Quiet Activists online community. I've learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move ahead in spite of it. You can read more about me in this interview

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In a nutshell:
I am introverted and highly sensitive
I am overwhelmed by the climate crisis
I have made it through many transitions
I believe change is possible
I trust science and intuition alike


Another lesson I've learned is that you can't do it alone. We all need a tribe. Here are some of my influencers:





For us to succeed, there needs to be a level of trust. To help with that, you may want to know that I don't take my role as a coach lightly. Hopefully my training shows just that.


To get a taste of my style, here are some of my articles and webinars: 


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