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Bring your Talents to Life with the Science of Positive Psychology


Let's Add a Little Sunshine to your Life!

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Are you feeling down, stuck, overwhelmed or irritable? Do you have a hard time deciding what to do next? Are you mad at yourself when you don't follow through on what you set out to do? Are you struggling finding common grounds with some people, at home, at work, or in the larger world?

Coaching helps you get control over your life and turn what seems like limitations into
your biggest assets. 

When was the last time you felt truly heard, without judgement or being told what to do?

Your coach is a caring conversation partner who makes space for you to reach your own insights.


Imagine what it is like to: 

Have clarity on what you truly want

Discover and utilize your strengths

Set realistic and inspiring goals

Carry your own self-coaching toolbox 

Regularly celebrate your accomplishments

As an Appreciative Inquiry coach, I help you find your inner voice and talents, all at your own pace.


Most importantly, I bring you tried and true tools from the science of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, so that joy, gratitude, hope, and confidence become your little bit of sunshine — regardless of what life brings your way.

Invest in yourself with coaching customized to suit your unique needs: 30 to 55 minute sessions, phone or video-call, flexible schedule, and a sliding-scale fee.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Viktor Frankl

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About me

I know big transitions — moving from France to the United States at 21, divorce, adoption, and a significant career shift have taught me to see the good in change and to understand that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move ahead in spite of it.  

I know there are many ways to see the world — growing up at the intersection of France, Switzerland and Germany, I was always pulled to explore on the other side of the border. In my first career in tourism, I had the privilege to travel as far as Peru and China, learning about a multitude of cultures and beliefs in-between. I value and welcome diversity, because it is what makes the world so rich and beautiful.

I know vulnerability — admitting to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) takes courage. Being an introvert in a busy, loud and global world can be a challenge. Following your intuition and being yourself regardless of what others think is a hard but worthwhile journey that starts with authenticity.

I know it’s never too late — after over 10 years in what I thought was my dream career since high school, I have no regret about starting graduate school in my 30's. In fact, I loved it so much that I got not just one, but two degrees (M.S. Human Relations and Organization Development, M.S. Psychology). Starting as a coach was a fantastic way to celebrate the start of my 4th decade! 


I know trust matters — I abide by the APA’s (American Psychological Association) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and have earned an ACC accreditation through the ICF (International Coaching Federation), which sets the highest standards in the industry.

I know there is a positive core in each of us — our best work happens when we use our strengths, what comes naturally and easily, so my approach taps into the science of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based methods.

I know having fun along the way is a must — making room for playfulness and curiosity is essential to a balanced life. When I put my books down, you will find me playing with my son and dog, walking, canoeing, biking or cross-country skiing, or simply taking in the stunning scenery of Vermont (USA).

I'm Alex. I know you are not alone and I know that you too, deserve to find your voice.

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What people say

I just got out of my PhD program admissions interview and they said that they will send a recommendation to the committee on my behalf. I wasn’t perfect, but I was me [...]. I even asked what I thought was a stupid question. Oh the bravery. I am over the moon. I couldn’t have found this level of comfort of being myself without having you as a thought partner. I am not accepted yet, but one step closer. Thank you - from the bottom of my heart! I couldn’t wait to tell you. Hugs, - Astrid

Working with Alex proved to be not only a uplifting experience, but an efficient one. The impact of my session with Alex is still present in my life and opened up new perspectives to work around a blocking situation. Alex is caring, a great listener, and an honest and kind mirror. Thank you! María J Devolx

Thank you for our session Alex, it was very powerful and I loved the metaphor of the wand to remind me that when I am at my best, I feel like I am performing little miracles for my clients! It was impressive how you "danced in the moment" to adapt to whatever was coming up for me. I realized what was holding me back and that I have the wisdom I need right within me. - Filiz Bozkurt

I really appreciate Alex’s intuitive and supportive nature. She has a unique perspective and insight, and really takes the time to understand what your values, strengths and goals are. She is both earnest and thoughtful, asking thought-provoking questions in ways that I hadn’t considered before, and she really listens to your replies. - Jackie

Alex doesn't know that you think it's impossible. She doesn't know that you've packed away your dreams because there's just no way they can come true. She doesn't know you don't even know how to move forward. Alex knows she will help you expand what is possible and remove your self-imposed limitations. She will appreciate the successes, strengths, and skills for change that are still within you and support your forward motion. Thank you Alex! - Ayana Azim

The focus and motivation Alex helped me find were just what I needed to make progress in a short time where I had been stuck for months before. Her willingness to challenge my "business-as-usual" mode of operations, careful listening and wise reflections were key elements in my journey and I am very grateful. It was exactly what I was looking for.  - Anonymous

Using gentle inquiry, Alex is able to draw out the source of the roadblocks you are experiencing so they become so much easier to remove! Alex does not focus on action alone, (though by the end of our sessions, I always felt I had a game plan) Rather, she helps you with accountability, while supporting self-discovery. I highly recommend working with Alex, particularly if you identify as a HSP or Empath. - Kate

The sessions with Alexandra really helped me identify the 'learned' biases that were driving my work and me negatively and how external feedback was limiting my confidence, ability and creativity. I've since been able to appreciate and acknowledge my abilities and my achievements beyond just my professional role. That has automatically brought a deeper appreciation for my other roles, lessening my performance anxiety at work and creating a better work-life balance. I'm learning to be kinder to myself so I can try to apply my creativity again.- Maria

A review for Alex Arnold is easy to write. She’s personable, supportive, focused, and she gets there by steady, consistent effort. She is a complete professional, always upbeat, and takes a strategic view and approach to working with me. We've worked together for 5 months, and I've enjoyed her coaching style, her dedication to my purpose and my success, and her desire to bring me to the next level in my business and life journey. Alex is a star and I plan on taking her with me to my new business role which she helped to guide me to achieve. - Liz

What people say

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Bring your Talents to Life with the Science of Positive Psychology

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